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Week Five


Spelling with Miss Watson Part 1 - 'or' sound spelt as 'ar'

Spelling with Miss Watson Part 2 - 'or' sound spelt as 'ar'

Handwriting with Miss Watson - Giraffe letters (ascenders)

Handwriting with Miss McGowan - monkey letters (descenders)

Mrs DeSouza Golden sentences building to an extended write.

Golden sentence and extended write.


Miss Watson reading 'Little Bear's Trousers' from Old Bear Stories

Mrs Desouza reading The Twits Part 7

Mrs DeSouza and Lotty reading The Twits ending.

Miss McGowan reading 'The Squirrels Who Squabbled'

Mrs Wright reading 'A Squash and a Squeeze'

Mrs Vijay reading 'Rainbow Fish to the Rescue'

Miss Harris reading 'I'll Take You To Mrs Cole'


Miss McGowan division using grouping

Miss McGowan division using sharing

Quick Fire Maths Quiz with Miss Watson

Mrs DeSouza counting stick X3

Half term minibeast activity booklet