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Hi everyone, we thought that we would put all of the phonics videos that we have created over the past few weeks in one place so you can access them all easily to re-watch and use again if you wish. Underneath the sections of videos are the internal links to that particular week's sub-page so you can find the attached resources that we reference in the videos easily. We hope that this is useful and keeps you all going smiley 

Phonics 1 - ear 'hear with your ear'

Get ready to read the speed sounds and words along with Miss Stewart! You will also need a piece of paper and a pencil or a whiteboard and pen to write a sup...

Phonics 2 - ear 'search for pearls'

Phonics 3 - ear 'bears and pears'

The third video about the ear grapheme but today it's ear bears and pears! Don't forget your pencil and paper to write a sentence with me.

Mrs P's phonics time, session 1

Focus sound 'er' better letter.

Mrs P's phonics time, session 2.

Join Mrs Patterson to focus on the sound 'ir' whirl and twirl.

Mrs P's phonics time, session 3.

Miss Penny's Phonics 'ou shout it out'

Miss Penny's Phonics 'ow brown cow'

Miss Stewart's phonics ow blow the snow

Learn about the ow phoneme and play trash or treasure!

Miss Stewart's phonics oa goat in a boat

Watch this video to learn the phoneme oa goat in a boat! Complete the activities within and find out how to play a game at the end.

Miss Stewart's phonics o - e phone home

Miss P's Phonics- 'oo' poo at the zoo

Miss P's Phonics- 'ew' chew the stew

Miss P's Phonics 'ue'

'ue' true blue

Miss P's Phonics 'u-e'

'u-e' huge brute

Miss P's Phonics

Let's play trash and treasure with all of the different 'oo' phonemes we have learnt

Mrs P teaches phonics, focus sound 'ire' fire fire

For further practice, try the 'find and write' activity linked on our website

Mrs P teaches phonics, focus sound 'ure' sure it's pure.

Mrs P's phonics , -tion

tion. Pay attention it's a celebration!

Miss P's Phonics Session 1

cious- delicious

Miss P's Phonics Session 2

tious- scrumptious