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Week 3


Golden sentence writing with Miss Stewart

Miss Stewart has written two golden sentences for a dolphin fact file. Watch the video remind yourself of the success criteria before writing a fact file on your chosen topic.


Miss Penny's Phonics 'ou shout it out'

Miss Penny's Phonics 'ow brown cow'


Mrs Patterson's mental maths blast, session 2

Quick fire mental recall of doubles and more near doubles.

Miss Penny's Maths

Miss Penny teaching division by grouping

Foundation Subjects

Listen to us reading some poems

Miss Stewart reading the poem 'Mr Giraffe'

See the picture below the video if you'd like to learn the poem Mr Giraffe.

Mrs Patterson reading a favourite poem.

Listen to the poem and add some actions to see if you can learn it.

Miss Penny's Poem Time

Two Wheels by Julia Donaldson. See the picture below the video if you would like to learn the poem off by heart.