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Week 4


Mrs Patterson's English lesson

How to write a letter to someone.


Miss Stewart's phonics - ow blow the snow

Learn about the ow phoneme and play trash or treasure!

Miss Stewart's phonics - oa goat in a boat

Watch this video to learn the phoneme oa goat in a boat! Complete the activities within and find out how to play a game at the end.

Miss Stewart's phonics - o-e phone home

Learn about the split diagraph o-e phone home in this video. Complete the reading and writing activities within to play a game at the end!


Mrs Patterson's mental maths blast

Recalling pairs of numbers totalling 10 and then 20.

Miss Penny's Maths

Division by Sharing

Foundation Subjects

Listen to us read some stories

Miss Stewart reading Russell the Sheep

Listen to Miss Stewart read another favourite book from Team Giraffes - Russell the Sheep!

Mrs Patterson reading The Tale of Benjamin Bunny

Miss Penny reading Croc and Bird by Alexis Deacon