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Thinking Skills

We have recently been re-accredited as an 'Advanced Thinking School' until 2023, please see below for the report from the University of Exeter. 


Action Research at Stanley Park Infants (SPI)


School development is at the heart of what we do at Stanley Park and the teaching staff are often carrying out action research projects to improve practice and develop skills. We are also lucky enough to be currently working alongside three universities as part of some very interesting research.


Fernanda Monteiro from City University of London is carrying out research to ‘better understand how children’s ability to control their emotions can influence learning. By also looking at other ways to promote the learning experience such as rewards, we want to see what types of rewards can motivate learning and how we can help children control their emotions they might want. The research will involve children with and without learning disabilities and disorders such as autism so that we can help teachers find the most effective ways to promote learning and wellbeing in all children’.


Dr Harriet Tenenbaum from the University of Surrey is a researcher and is conducting a research project ‘aimed to reduce gender based peer exclusion in schools. We are interested in how children think about rejecting other children based on gender’.


Jeetan Songara a trainee Educational Psychologist from the University College London has selected SPI to take part in a research project about Lego Therapy intervention. ‘LEGO® therapy is an activity where groups of children take on different roles to build a LEGO® model together. The roles involve builder, supplier and engineer. These roles help the children to have fun and learn new skills’.


A range of children from across the school have been invited to take part in these research projects and all of the findings will be published through the individual universities and will be on our school website.