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Week 2



Mrs P's phonics , -tion

tion. Pay attention it's a celebration!

Miss P's Phonics Session 1

cious- delicious

Miss P's Phonics Session 2

tious- scrumptious


Maths Lesson 1 - Capacity

Watch this video to learn about the vocabulary we use to describe capacity and have a go yourself! Then complete the layer 1 worksheet.

Maths Lesson 2 - Comparing using the greater than and less than symbols

Recap the greater than and less than symbols and use them to compare amounts, then complete the layer 2 worksheet.

Maths Lesson 3 - Measuring Accurately

Learn how to measure capacity accurately by reading off a scale. Then complete the layer 3 worksheet.

Foundation Subjects

Photos of Miss Penny's 3D map from last year- Geography

Listen to us reading some stories

Miss Penny reading Naughty Bus

Miss Stewart reading 'Elmer Again' by David McKee

Mrs Patterson reads 'Katie and the British Artists'

I wonder if you'll recognise any of the paintings in this story?

Optional Additional Resources